[unixODBC-dev] Segfault when utilizing libodbc with Asterisk

Kent Boortz kent at mysql.com
Sat May 19 17:56:24 BST 2007

Nick Gorham <nick at lurcher.org> writes:
> Ok, I suggest I remove the drivers, postgres, mysql. I would think also 
> the text and sqp drivers could be removed as well, but they are useful 
> as sample drivers. I wonder whats the best thing to do. Maybe have them 
> as a seperate package. What about things like DataManager* and odbctest. 
> I would prefer to leave them in as they are useful tools (IMHO).

I think the key point is to be clear. If keeping them and they are
"samples", put them in a directory called "samples" and state in the
readme "there is a samples directory with drivers for various
databases, these are of interest to developers only, normal users
should download the drivers from the .....". Or something. And the main
configure script should not deal with them, as it might be confusing.

I know you know how things work in detail, but ODBC is a bit confusing
to some of us. The driver/manager relation, who loads who, what is
linked into the application at compile and runtime, who reads the ini
files, what the GUI stuff is about, etc. So minor things like a small
note in the readme, making good defauls and help texts in configure,
goes a long way to help me and I'm sure others to install and use


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