[unixODBC-dev] Segfault when utilizing libodbc with Asterisk

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Sat May 19 03:14:29 BST 2007

>> My recommendation is to use the postgresql-odbc package; that version of
>> psqlodbc is a whole lot newer than the one included in unixODBC.  I've
>> actually considered stripping the included psql (and mysql) drivers from
>> the Red Hat unixODBC package entirely.  I've been meaning to ask what
>> the long-term plan is for the included drivers --- since development on
>> those seems to be separate now, what is the reason for still including
>> them in the unixODBC distribution?
> History, nothing else. Its a useful test, but thats about it.
> If people want I have no objection to removing them. I did talk to 
> Peter some time ago about splitting stuff up abit anyway.

As I recall, the drivers were included with unixODBC because;

1) the drivers needed to be modified to work with unixODBC (presumably 
because they were not up-to-spec at the time)
2) to make it easier for people to adopt an ODBC solution (one-stop 
shopping kinda thing)
3) to allow a build of the driver (in the case of postgresql) without 
having to mess with an entire server distro
4) some other reasons I am forgetting :)

IMHO - the mysql and postgresql drivers should be removed from unixODBC 
and possibly some other stuff

At the moment I am working on some qt4 based ODBCConfig stuff and one 
thing I am playing with is an ability to see a list of ODBC drivers, 
from a variety of sources and in a variety of package formats, which can 
be installed right from the tool. It may be more trouble than its worth 
or simply a bad idea?


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