[unixODBC-dev] Files in CVS that should not be?

Kent Boortz kent at mysql.com
Sun May 13 04:59:27 BST 2007


I'm working on enabling "make dist" to work in the CVS version, and
found some "Makefile.in" files to be checked into the CVS repository.
I think they should not be under CVS control, or?

  unixODBC/DataManagerII/Makefile.am~    <<< emacs backup file checked in
  odbctest/C:\IB6TRACE.LOG               <<< garbage checked in?

Not near finished, but as there are things that you might prefer to
remove from the CVS source repository instead of adding to the source
distribution, I include my first version of the patch.

As you don't seem to have some daily build to check that "make dist"
works, I have used the feature of automake that you can give a
directory name to EXTRA_DIST, and a top level "dist-hook" target to
remove the "CVS", ".libs" and ."deps" directories before packaging.

The advantage with giving a directory to EXTRA_DIST is that you don't
have to list all files, the drawback is that if you do "make dist" in
a source tree you have built in, you might get garbage into the
created source TAR.

Maybe the bundled old obsolete MySQL driver should be removed from the
unixODBC sources? :-) Or create a directory "historical" and move all
stuff there that is not really for distribution, and maybe one
"experimental" for things not really completed, and move some stuff
there? Or just add to the top README.cvs what is obsolete or not?


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