[unixODBC-dev] diag lib and txt driver

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Wed Dec 19 23:10:30 GMT 2007

I just checked in some code.

1. diag lib

This new lib is a generic and very 'black-boxed' implementation of diagnostics 
for use by drivers. It could be used for DM if that makes any sense. I have 
to doc it still but first I have to get the txt driver to build fully. Its a 
very simply thing of course but I think it will help.

2. txt driver

I have replaced the use of the log lib with the new diag lib. I have to fix a 
few more things with this before it builds fully but the bulk of it is done. 
More commits on this in the next 12 hrs.

The idea is to morph the log lib into an 'odbclog' with a totally different 
implementation. Or simply get rid of the log lib. My thinking is that an 
odbclog lib could be a generic trace library with a Trace* function for each 
of the functions in the DM. This can then be dynamically loaded/used based 
upon the config. I think the DM and any driver could both use this technique. 
Good idea? Bad idea? Thoughts on implementation?


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