[unixODBC-dev] Qt4 ODBCConfig

pharvey at codebydesign.com pharvey at codebydesign.com
Sat Dec 1 14:47:13 GMT 2007

I have just checked in more work on new CODBCConfig. It now has all of  
the features of the Qt3 based one - and then some. It still needs some  
tweeks here and there. Here are the more notable ones;

1) The Help button now invokes Qt Assistant BUT the external doc to  
support this is not done so I have not created the adp file (the  
contents and keyword file). I have no desire to get into doing that  
doc anytime soon so it would be good to get a volunteer for this.

2) The Pooling options are too basic - just enable/disable.

3) The Monitor bits (formerly stats) does not seem to work for me at  
the moment - errors from DM. So this needs to be sorted out and me  
thinks while at it why not look at additional stuff that can be put in  
there (I have a list of nice to haves that could be done with a little  

4) Creating a DSN does not try to use a setup technique other than the  
generic one used by unixODBC. So it does not try to invoke some self  
contained GUI a setup lib may have. I think this needs to be handled  
but no plans to get into it now.

5) The create data source name wizard needs to be done. This is not  
used to support CODBCConfig/SQLManageDataSources but just  
SQLCreateDataSource. I hope to get this done today/tomorrow and then  
move on to a new version of DataManager.

Other, smaller, things such as the about box needing to show more info.

Feedback welcome.


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