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I know I write this to an old thread, but we have just struggled with the same problem here and I thought I just would give out our solution to the problem, since I stumbled over this thread in my search for the problem on google. Maybe some of you out there can use this information.

The thing that did it for us was to add the [ODBC Data Sources] section in the odbc.ini file which lists the DSN names. 

Example of odbc.ini

[ODBC Data Sources]    <---- It was THIS section that did solve the problem
odbc=Ingres                <---- more precisely THIS entry

Driver=Ingres ;(entry in odbcinst.ini, but could be the direct path to driver lib)

Example of odbcinst.ini:
[ODBC Drivers]

... other options...

We also set the ODBCINI env variable to point out the "global" odbc.ini file, plus having an .odbc.ini file the user home directory. (which is a copy of the global one). I am not sure if you need to have the .odbc.ini in the user homedir, but I believe its recommended by CA to do so.

Hope this will help.

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