[unixODBC-dev] gnu build

Peter Harvey pharvey at mysql.com
Fri Sep 16 17:03:31 BST 2005

>> I picked up the fact that you have added the missing files to 
>> libltdl. I removed some references to generated files from 
>> Makefile.am in root dir and this solved some more problems. But then 
>> I was left with a message about a failure to find a rule to make 
>> configure.ac in the libltdl dir during a 'make dist'. I did a 
>> 'libtoolize --force --ltdl' and was finally able to get a 'make dist' 
>> to work. I am now seeing this in mid-compile on Solaris 10 Sparc with 
>> Sun Studio 10 - so it looks like this source distro is going to work 
>> for me.
>> The problem remaining is that I can not commit any changes to this 
>> set of cvs sources as I have overwritten your customizations. Perhaps 
>> it would be best if you were to do 'libtoolize --force --ltdl' on 
>> your cvs sources so as to update the files in libltdl to latest 
>> revisions of gnu tools and then look at manually adding your tweaks 
>> back in?
> The odd thing is thats exactly what I did at the start.
> I will carry on looking.


Ack - I did that work on the wrong terminal - I was doing it with older 
GNU tools - doing same with newer GNU tools does not lead to success. :(

I think what is going on is that the files that are generated in the sub 
dir of libltdl and gODBCConfig need to be generated during or before 
configure in the root - but are not. Presumably this would be done by 
configure being smart enough to go in these dirs and doing a configure 
in them. The fact that they are missing is what causes 'make dist' to 
error. Complicating matters is that all the prep done in 'make -f 
Makefile.cvs' should also be done in those sub-dirs. And complicating 
things further is that libtoolize needs to be run in those dirs to 
populate them with some files (although you have added those missing 
files to libltdl).

We should get on the phone and chat about this to save some time in back 
- and - forth with the emails. :)

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