[unixODBC-dev] gnu build

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Fri Sep 16 07:26:08 BST 2005

Peter Harvey wrote:

>> the changes I have to make are basically adding the use of RTLD_GROUP
> Nick,
> I picked up the fact that you have added the missing files to libltdl. 
> I removed some references to generated files from Makefile.am in root 
> dir and this solved some more problems. But then I was left with a 
> message about a failure to find a rule to make configure.ac in the 
> libltdl dir during a 'make dist'. I did a 'libtoolize --force --ltdl' 
> and was finally able to get a 'make dist' to work. I am now seeing 
> this in mid-compile on Solaris 10 Sparc with Sun Studio 10 - so it 
> looks like this source distro is going to work for me.
> The problem remaining is that I can not commit any changes to this set 
> of cvs sources as I have overwritten your customizations. Perhaps it 
> would be best if you were to do 'libtoolize --force --ltdl' on your 
> cvs sources so as to update the files in libltdl to latest revisions 
> of gnu tools and then look at manually adding your tweaks back in?

The odd thing is thats exactly what I did at the start.

I will carry on looking.


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