[unixODBC-dev] gnu build

Peter Harvey pharvey at mysql.com
Wed Sep 14 19:47:24 BST 2005

Nick Gorham wrote:

> Peter Harvey wrote:
>> Nick,
>> Just pulled down a fresh copy of unixODBC from cvs. Tried to "make 
>> dist" and found errors from missing files in libltdl (config.guess, 
>> config.sub,install-sh). Seems there may be a typo in there.
>> Also seems to be a problem with gODBCConfig during "make dist".
>> My thinking is that you are probably in the middle of doing some work 
>> on the build?
>> I am going to see about fixing this while I wait for your rely :)
> Ok, let me know what you find.
> I tend to miss these problems, as I normally sit on a checked out tree 
> that builds.
I never want to use the libtool embedded in the unixODBC source (or any 
other source package). I prefer to ensure that I have a libtool 
installed and available before I build. I have run into problems with 
building dependent software where more than a few libtools come into 
play and that just sucks as it sometimes means that the resulting links 
fail (either at build time or at run time).

Of course this only works with the latest and greatest libtool is 
working properly - and it does seem to be pretty good.

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