[unixODBC-dev] Design of SQLConfigDataSource

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Wed Nov 30 16:08:11 GMT 2005

Bill Medland wrote:

> I grepped for ConfigDSN and saw references in the MySQL and 
> PostgreSQL code, e.g in Drivers/MySQL/setup.c.  Now I presume I 
> can't build that yet since I don't have the Qt libraries, but I 
> presume that is the source code of the driver library, which is 
> NOT where SQLConfigDataSource looks.
> That.. is why I am confused.
> I'm looking for an explanation rather than spending hours trying 
> to set up the build.  I know, I'm lazy.

Normally the setup lib (or driver if they are the same) will export this 
call. Have a look at the MS docs for the call.

None of the drivers in unixODBC do this at the moment, by you could 
check the current MyODBC code, as I think Peter has done this in there.


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