[unixODBC-dev] Design of SQLConfigDataSource

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Wed Nov 30 08:03:09 GMT 2005

Bill Medland wrote:

>The Pervasive Linux driver does not appear to include ConfigDSN 
>and so I guess I'll have to throw something together into the 
>hacked setup dll.
>But what is going on with the design and how come it is working 
>for anyone?
Historically Peter created the ODBCProverties interface to allow for 
simpler setup lib creation, its a easy job to create a lib using this 
method, Look at the Postgres some for a example.

But, the standard way of doing this, involves the driver managing its 
own dialog. I added this as a option, if the lib supports it. So the 
code, will try and call the SQLConfig interface, if found, else it will 
try the Properties. We (Easysoft) have the SQLConfig  in some of our 
drivers, and I think Peter has added it to MyODBC, the ones in the setup 
dir are examples of using the Properties interface.


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