[unixODBC-dev] SQLConfigDataSource

Igor Korot ikorot at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 22 18:43:41 GMT 2005

When I run Valgrind on my program, I got following:

==348== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==348==    at 0x1B8F20AD: strlen (in /lib/ld-2.3.5.so)
==348==    by 0x1C35A154: (within /lib/libc-2.3.5.so)
==348==    by 0x1C35A26B: _dl_sym (in /lib/libc-2.3.5.so)
==348==    by 0x1C38BE20: (within /lib/libdl-2.3.5.so)
==348==    by 0x1B8EDC57: _dl_catch_error (in /lib/ld-2.3.5.so)
==348==    by 0x1C38C247: (within /lib/libdl-2.3.5.so)
==348==    by 0x1C38BE85: dlsym (in /lib/libdl-2.3.5.so)
==348==    by 0x1D01589F: sys_dl_sym (ltdl.c:1172)
==348==    by 0x1D01831E: lt_dlsym (ltdl.c:3966)
==348==    by 0x1D00E246: SQLConfigDataSource (SQLConfigDataSource.c:93)
==348==    by 0x1CFE704B: CODBCConfigure::OnCreateDSN(wxCommandEvent&) (odbcconfigure.cpp:112)
==348==    by 0x1C01BDEA: wxAppConsole::HandleEvent(wxEvtHandler*, void (wxEvtHandler::*)(wxEvent&), wxEvent&) const (appbase.cpp:328)

This is the line 93 in the SQLConfigDataSource.c:

			pFunc = (BOOL (*)(HWND, WORD, LPCSTR, LPCSTR )) lt_dlsym( hDLL, "ConfigDSN" );

Maybe I couldn't find the library with the ConfigDSN()?

That's how I ran ./configure:

  $ ../configure --host=i586-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc/unixODBC --enable-gui=yes --x-libraries=/usr/lib host_alias=i586-pc-linux-gnu --enable-ltdl-convenience --no-create --no-recursion

How I can check that its accessible?

I will run strace as well, and post any problems I will find...

Thank you.

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Igor Korot wrote:

>Hi, ALL,
>What I need to look for, when I get "ODBC_ERROR_GENERAL_ERR" out of SQLConfigDataSource()?
Run strace on the app, that may give you a clue whats going on.


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