[unixODBC-dev] Get Oracle Database name from .odbc.ini

anand.vasudevan at wipro.com anand.vasudevan at wipro.com
Fri Nov 11 05:02:23 GMT 2005


In our application we need to get the Oracle database name from
.odbc.ini for a given DSN.
Is there an API in ODBC or in the source code of unixODBC where we get
the database name for a given DSN in the .odbc.ini file.

[testDSN]	/**** DSN ****/
Driver                  = ORACLE
Database                = TEMP		/*** Want the dbname from here
User                    = scott
Password                = tiger
METADATA_ID             = 0

Thanks in advance.

Anand Vasudevan,
Sr. Project Engineer,
Wipro Technologies

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