[unixODBC-dev] SAP tests

Peter Harvey pharvey at peterharvey.org
Tue Mar 15 00:08:21 GMT 2005

> Your CVS commission of these sources includes qmake .pro files
> but they don't look correct.  Do you want me to fix the .pro
> files, or would this be a good time to move toward the GNU autotools?

Most of the qmake files need to have some changes as I just copied a generic 
one from a test I have been playing with. I put some text in them which can 
later be searched/replaced with config for other platforms.

I was planning on sticking with the qmake files until everything was working 
and then, if no one else had time, make it work with GNU auto-tools. In the 
end the qmake files probably need to be there regardless of GNU auto-tools as 
it can be used on XP without forcing someone to install cygwin or whatever.

> Do you mind if I convert everything to Unix line termination?^M

No , of course not. Do whatever you think is needed - I am going to switch to 
enhancing the perl script :)


BTW: I will send you the original package of the source (as it was given to 
me) in another email. You should find it interesting in that it shows the 
order the tests are to be run and some init/fini code that SAP uses and 
finally their scripts for running the stuff (we are not porting the scripts).

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