[unixODBC-dev] SAP tests

Eric Sharkey sharkey at netrics.com
Mon Mar 14 15:32:36 GMT 2005

> I have put the SAP tests into unixODBC cvs. I have some regret about what I 
> named it (Other - should have been SAP) and where I put it - but it should 
> work out fine.

It's not too late to change this, if you want.  If the files are renamed
on the CVS server, they'll appear as if they were committed under that name.

For files with an established history, this is generally a bad idea, since
it makes it impossible to check it out under the old name, but for new files
where there isn't really any history to disturb and a direct repository
manipulation is a fair way to permanently alter/undo a cvs commission.

It's up to you.

> Next is the porting. I will work on this over the coming days. The idea is to 
> make it build in the unixODBC cross-platform batch test framework while 
> allowing it to keep any SAP specific tests - ie SQL, data-types, etc.

How do you want to handle this?  I haven't looked at the SAP tests yet, but
this already came up with the tests you added earlier.  My driver failed the
GetTypeInfo test because it didn't return 47 types.  I took that section of
the test out, but it would be better to have a global configuration file
where the user could fill in the expected behaviour of his driver and
then just run the tests.

It doesn't look like there's any mechanism for doing this yet (my Perl
skills are a bit weak, so, it's possible it's there and I just missed it)
but I think process_exec() should scan the arguments before calling
system() and replace any value in the exec string which matches an
ini variable.

Is this what you intended?


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