[unixODBC-dev] odbctest based tests

Eric Sharkey sharkey at netrics.com
Sun Mar 13 00:32:47 GMT 2005

> Yes, send them to me and I will see how hard it will be to get them working.

Can you send me a copy as well?

> When I added the testign part of odbctest it was to replicate the 
> windows setup, it was originally asked for by IBM, so I hope they still 
> use it for some of their tests.
> Anybody from IBM listening with any info how easy it was to get the 
> windows tests working ?

As far as I can tell, the quiktest.c source in unixODBC is essentially
the same as the Windows version.  I think anything written to work
with odbctest on windows can potentially be ported to unixODBC
with almost no effort at all.

On the other hand, MS makes it very easy to write non-portable code...


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