[unixODBC-dev] building source tarballs from cvs?

Eric Sharkey sharkey at netrics.com
Wed Mar 9 17:30:25 GMT 2005

> I think we should cool down somewhat.

Nick, if I've offended you, please accept my apologies.  That was
not my intent at all.

I think you are doing a tremendous job.  The quality of the code
(especially the important parts) is very high.  The support you
have provided to me has been excellent, and I am in your debt.

My comments have focused on the "squeaky wheels" becuase these
are the parts that have drawn my attention the most.  There's a
lot of code there that "just works" and as such I haven't looked
at it much.  That's just the nature of development, as I see it.
If the code is 99% perfect, the focus of development efforts
will be on the 1% that isn't.

> I would say in my experience the way to get someone to help you is not 
> by  taking the offensive.

I agree, and this isn't something I want to do.

Again, this was not my intent.  I thought perhaps Peter had simply made
the same mistake I had a few days ago and attempted to correct a problem
that didn't really exist.  If I've been too brusk in the way I've
expressed this, again, I apologize.  I really don't want to offend
any of you.  You've both been great.


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