[unixODBC-dev] building source tarballs from cvs?

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Wed Mar 9 16:31:23 GMT 2005

Eric Sharkey wrote:
>>>I still don't understand how Nick built a 2.10.11 tarball with this in.
>>Well understanding is always a personal thing. I built it from the code 
>>I had here, that I checked back in before releasing the build.
> Ah, you didn't do a cvs update to get Peter's changes, then?  That would
> explain it.

No, I got Peters changes, found the problem, but decided that to avoid 
causing Peter problems and out of politeness I wouldn't check the 
changes back until I had to as it may have stepped on Peters toes. The 
"I had to" happened when I release 2.2.11. I guess your copy predates 
that event.

>>It may 
>>well be the case that at the point you took a copy of the CVS that this 
>>wasn't the case.
> It would probably be good if you set a tag in the repository when you
> do a release.  This would indicate what versions of each file are
> associated with each unixODBC version.



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