[unixODBC-dev] 2.2.11

Peter Wu peterw at softintegration.com
Sat Mar 5 17:35:13 GMT 2005

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your release.
Do you know if there is a way to detect the installed unixODBC 
version number?
It will be helpful for us to add sqlucode.h support for version 2.2.11. 

We have released C/C++ interpreter Ch 5.0 last week and Ch SDK is 
part of distribution for free. Thus we provide the source code
for Ch interface with unixODBC. The bindings can be done automatically. 
You are welcome to have a try if interested.


Best regards,

Ch to unixODBCbinding:

[ Charset ISO-8859-1 converted... ]
> Release done, changes are:
> 4-March-2005
> Release 2.2.11
>     * Fix a couple of typo errors in postgres driver and odbctest
>     * Fix problem where ini files could be truncated under heavy
>       load
>     * Fix potential hang with FILEDSN's if the connect string included
>       a DSN= entry as well
>     * Don't save the SAVEFILE attribute in the filedsn.
>     * Fixed bug that prevented the setting of some attributes via the
>       DMConnAttr method
>     * Removed the -module entry from the cursor lib, it prevents it
>       building on HPUX.
>     * Add a couple of extra info types to the pull down in odbctest
>     * SQLGetInfoW was returning the wrong length when converting from
>       the ANSI call. The same was also going on the other way. Also
>       fixed same thing for other calls.
>     * Fix incorrect value in SQLFetchScroll in odbctest
>     * Fix memory leak in odbcinstQ
>     * Check for MOC being found, before building GUI parts
>     * Add list of export symbols to libodbcinst
>     * Fix a problem in the cursor lib returning blobs
>     * SQL_DIAG_NUMBER was being stored and returned as a SQLINTEGER
>       instead of a SQLRETURN
>     * Check if we can include sys/stats.h in iniOpen.c
>     * Fix potential buffer overun in SQLConfigDataSource()
>     * Fix problem in odbctest that prevented intervals from being displayed.
>     * Cope with SHLIBEXT not being set when finding the cursor lib
>     * Add a couple of missing Setup64 checks
>     * Small change in __info to conserve memory
>     * Add odbcinst.exp to distrib
>     * Add missing ODBC2 installer stubs
>     * Fix typo in SQLStatistics
>     * Not passing user names and password into isql passes NULLS not empty
>       strings into SQLConnect
>     * Add missing SQLPrepareA from the driver manager export file
>     * Make the default for DontDLClose 1, it doesn't do any harm, and fixes
>       some segfaults
>     * Fix printf format in the postgres driver on 64 platforms
> This clears the way for the work on producing a test suite.
> -- 
> Nick
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