[unixODBC-dev] unixODBC postgres driver vs. pgsqlodbc

Scot Loach sloach at sandvine.com
Fri Mar 4 18:09:04 GMT 2005

It's actually more confusing to have this older version of the driver included with UnixODBC.
The official psqlodbc driver works just fine with unixodbc, having the code forked like this doesn't make sense - when you fix bugs in your version of the driver, do you make sure they get back into the official distribution?

Having two versions is confusing for people who are new to using odbc with postgresql, and it potentially causes problems when both unixODBC and the driver are installed - which one is chosen by the driver manager?


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Kelly Burkhart wrote:

> What is the relationship between the unixODBC Postgres driver and the 
> pgsql-odbc driver?  It looks like the unixODBC driver is an old 
> version of the pgsql-odbc driver.  Is there parallel development going 
> on in the unixODBC driver or is it stale?  Will the two drivers sync 
> up at any point?
Originally the unixODBC driver version was there as the PG folks unix 
driver didn't expect a driver manager, so the windows version was ported 
and included. Since then the postgre people have added a --with-unixODBC 
flag, so the driver in the distribution is not as required.

I continue to include it just to avoid confusing people. I guess it 
could go now. Its not up to date with the PG one, but I do fix problems 
with it as they crop up.

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