[unixODBC-dev] thread strategies

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Wed Jun 29 17:48:07 BST 2005

Marek Kustka wrote:

> Nick Gorham wrote:
>> Marek Kustka wrote:
>>> [...]
>> [...]
>> Ok, what platform is this? If you get any nearer tracking those 
>> messages down let me know, or if you can send as much as you are able 
>> to allow me to reproduce your setup then I will try and do it here.
>> What log are you seeing that in?
> Debian Linux Sarge. These messages come to stdout or stderr.
> Maybe I should try with driver package provided UnixODBC library first.

I am interested in just where the errors are coming from, if its the 
driver please let me know.

>> You could take this to support at easysoft.com if you like, as its not a 
>> unixODBC issue.
> Well, I will when I will have more useful info for them.


> I grasp this as follows: It will be safe to use IB/FB 2.1.1 driver 
> with Threading
> startegy mode <3 but there will be used some additional 
> synchronization code
> in the driver anyways (which is not necessary in my environment) and 
> thus it may
> be slower. Correct?



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