[unixODBC-dev] thread strategies

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Wed Jun 29 16:29:38 BST 2005

Marek Kustka wrote:
> Nick Gorham wrote:
>> Marek Kustka wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> we have a web-based application which uses Firebird SQL server. Our 
>>> multithreaded back end
>>> server accesses it through UnixODBC and Easysoft's IB/FB driver. We 
>>> seem to have a problem
>>> when multiple simultaneous requests come up: Processing speed drops 
>>> down dramatically.
>>> I have setup some profiling points and found out that any arbitrary 
>>> ODBC call (such as
>>> SQLNumResulCols, SQLDescribeCol, SQLBindCol, SQLExecute) can take 
>>> 100-1000x longer
>>> time to process. Sorrounding ODBC calls from a given thread are 
>>> typically regularly fast.
>>> Probability of slow ones raises with increasing load from our app.
>>> My feeling is that it could be caused by some kind of 
>>> synchronization, because we are not able
>>> to load cpu(s) enough. I have scanned UnixODBC sources and noticed 
>>> comments about various
>>> thread strategies in __handles.c file.
>>> I want to ask if EasySoft's IB/FB driver handles some of these 
>>> synchronizations, so I could
>>> SAFELY lower the default level of 3 and test the effect. I can only 
>>> test it on our production database.
>>> We do use our own connection pool that handles a list of open 
>>> connections - this code is synchronized.
>>> Thanks to ODBC library we use, every our connection has different 
>>> environment handle.
>>> So we basically create, employ and drop statement objects in our 
>>> functions. We do not synchronize
>>> statement level ODBC calls at all.
>> Hi,
>> As long as the version of the firebird interface lib you are using is 
>> thread safe, and you are using the current version of our driver  
>> (there is a specific firebird version now) the you can leave the 
>> threading to the driver and remove the protection in the driver manager.
>> In older version of the interbase driver we had to protect the GDB lib 
>> as the Borland 6.5 version wasn't thread safe.
> Hi Nick,
> i have a trial version of easysoft firebird odbc driver 1.0.0
> and i can see some "invalid free() 0xaddress" messages in our log
> and as i do not know where they come from so far, I am a bit scared
> to use it for a production. It seems to work otherwise.

Ok, what platform is this? If you get any nearer tracking those messages 
down let me know, or if you can send as much as you are able to allow me 
to reproduce your setup then I will try and do it here.

What log are you seeing that in?

You could take this to support at easysoft.com if you like, as its not a 
unixODBC issue.

> If you call "firebird interface lib" our (adopted) ODBC library
> (you saw it :/) then yes, it should be thread safe in terms of
> not sharing any critical resources between connections and statements.

The lib I mean is the libfbclient.so lib. All our IB/FB drivers for the 
last few years have been thread safe, its just that some of the 
libgds.so (the Borland version of the interface) were not thread safe, 
so we had to wrap mutexes around every call into the lib.

> In case of older Easysoft IB/FB driver (ver.2.1.1), does it mean that
> i cannot use N<3 for threading mode against firebird 1.52?
You can with the above proviso.

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited

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