[unixODBC-dev] SQLDriverConnectW() returns an error !

Anita Dixit anita_dixit at persistent.co.in
Fri Jun 24 08:40:53 BST 2005


I compiled the code with SQL_WCHART_CONVERT. However, with the original
code, problem remains the same. i.e. flow passes to Driver's
SQLDriverConnectW function and a bus error occurs for wcslen().
I was wondering if sizeof(SQLWCHAR) would give 4 bytes on defining
SQL_WCHART_CONVERT. It gives me 2 bytes as the size.


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Anita Dixit wrote:

>Thanks for the input, Nick!
>That was helpful indeed! I wondered if this is documented anywhere.
>As I am getting bus error for wcslen(), I presume the driver is expecting 4
>byte Unicode.
>If I compile unixODBC with SQL_WCHART_CONVERT defined, I wonder mapping of
>char to wchar which you mentioned in the earlier mail will not do the task.
>What conversion method should be used in that case so as to provide
>appropriate SQLWCHAR data to SQLDriverConnectW function ?

compile with


and your original code should work.


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