[unixODBC-dev] ODBC driver regression testing

Eric Sharkey sharkey at netrics.com
Thu Feb 24 21:40:43 GMT 2005

> Peter Harvey wrote:
> [] I added the "tests" directory to unixODBC source in cvs. 
> This contains my first pass at such a test suite. The infrastructure is 
> perl based and the tests are C based (but could be just about anything).
> We have, internally, about 150 tests which we want to put into such a 
> test suite but so far we have not managed to do this.
> Perhaps you are interested in working with us to do this?

I'm just starting to look at this now.

Is there a reason you chose to use qmake?  Do you know if qmake is
available for OpenVMS?  I haven't found a link for this.

Why do you have this in tst.h?  Don't we want the latest version?
The code doesn't seem to compile with this particular setting.
Is it broken on purpose?

    Build as a specific ODBC version. The default is the latest ver
    but we do not want that here.
#define ODBCVER 0x0100

This line in GetTypeInfo.pro:

LIBS  += -L/home/pharvey/SandBox/MySQL/myodbc-3.53/lib -lmyodbc

seems less than fully general...

Are you willing to enable write access to the unixODBC CVS repository
for me?  I'm user "sharkey" (8749) on SourceForge.


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