[unixODBC-dev] update of "How to use C/C++ interpreter Ch with unixODBC"

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Fri Apr 8 23:48:45 BST 2005

Peter Wu wrote:

>Hello Nick,
>Ch unixODBC package 4.0 is just officially released this week. 
>It contains all source code for building Ch interface with unixODBC. 
>Since Ch SDK is free and bundled with Ch for distirbution, 
>the user can build the interface on their own easily.
>this package will work automatically with any new unixODBC 
>release in the future without the change. There is no need to write
>binding code for creating the interface.
>I wonder if it is possible to make a slight modificaton of
>Manuals in your website 
>regarding "How to Use C/C++ Interpreter Ch with unixODBC"?

No problem, I will try and get that done tomorrow.


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