[unixODBC-dev] Release 2.2.10

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Thu Sep 30 14:58:59 BST 2004

I have just put 2.2.10 up on the FTP, WEB and CVS servers. Changes are:

     * Add additional check in sqltypes.h to detect AIX 64 bit
     * Fixed minor copypaste error in configure.in
     * Fixed problem in configure script that prevented it using the
       qt-header and qt-lib config args. And allow the QT bin dir
       to be set.
     * Add new spec file (Thanks Stefan)
     * Alter string initialisation in isql to reduce memory use on
       some platforms
     * Remove the parts of odbcinstext.h that only are needed in
       unixODBC builds from outside app builds. (Cheers Stefan)
     * Small fix to DataManagerII
     * Protect iconv handle in threaded environments
     * Extend cursor lib to cope with where clauses
     * Remove incorrect duplicate function in iniOpen.c
     * Strip FILEDSN from connection string before passing to driver
     * If using a cursor lib use "IS NULL" instead of binding nulls
     * Allow 32 and 64 installations to coexist using a Driver64 entry
       in odbcinst.ini
     * Fix uninitialsed value that was causing "Driver does not support
       the requested version" warning
     * Fix typo in sqltypes.h that failed when building Perl DBD::ODBC
     * INI cacheing is not on by default, it can lead to a memory leak
     * Alter the Makefile.am's so builds outside the config dir can be
     * Fix possible buffer overrun in SQLConnect
     * Replaced crypt auth in postgres with md5 for 7.1 Postgres driver
     * Fix memory leak in descriptor thread support

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited

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