[unixODBC-dev] Re: Postgres: discarding NOTICE messages from SQL result

lsunley at mb.sympatico.ca lsunley at mb.sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 17 23:20:27 BST 2004


I have just finished doing an OS/2 port of the psqlODBC driver 07.03.200
with the unixODBC driver manager and it seems to work without any obvious

I am connecting to a 7.3.2 database engine.

Do you have a sample of the procedures (simple test case) that I can use
to see if I can locate the problem?


In <cone.1095407714.43732.27318.500 at worm.fortech.cz>, on 09/17/04 
   at 09:55 AM, Martin Edlman <edlman at fortech.cz> said:


>>> ...
>>>     May it be possible to ignore such non-result responses from server 
>>> and let only real results to be processed by unixODBC API functions?
>> Ok, thats down to the driver, I guess those notices could be converted 
>> to informational messages.

>Do you think it will be implemented in some future release of unixODBC?

>> The driver(s) in the distributins are snapshots from the postgresql 
>> windows distribution. They were originally done as the standard PG one 
>> didn't work with unixODBC. It does now, so they are of less importance.

>I tried to use psqlODBC driver from Postgres (versions 07.05.0001 and 
>07.03.0200) compiled against unixODBC headers/libraries, but neither
>works -  there are problems with connection to the DB. But it's not the
>unixODBC  problem, I'll ask psqlODBC authors.

>> Neither AFAIK uses PG client libs, they go directly to the socket (this 
>> may have changed).

>Wouldn't it be easier to let the psql libraries to communicate with the

>M. Edlman

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