[unixODBC-dev] Re: Postgres: discarding NOTICE messages from SQL result

Nick Gorham nick at easysoft.com
Fri Sep 17 13:32:34 BST 2004

Martin Edlman wrote:
> Hello,
>>> ...
>>>     May it be possible to ignore such non-result responses from 
>>> server and let only real results to be processed by unixODBC API 
>>> functions?
>> Ok, thats down to the driver, I guess those notices could be converted 
>> to informational messages.
> Do you think it will be implemented in some future release of unixODBC?

Well, IMHO, its not a unixODBC issue, more down to the driver, I know we 
have a postgres driver, but I think in future, I would prefer the 
"official" PG driver be the way forward. So it may be better to get the 
PG folk add the feature.

>> The driver(s) in the distributins are snapshots from the postgresql 
>> windows distribution. They were originally done as the standard PG one 
>> didn't work with unixODBC. It does now, so they are of less importance.
> I tried to use psqlODBC driver from Postgres (versions 07.05.0001 and 
> 07.03.0200) compiled against unixODBC headers/libraries, but neither 
> works - there are problems with connection to the DB. But it's not the 
> unixODBC problem, I'll ask psqlODBC authors.

Ok, if you get back changes I need to make, either to teh DM or the docs 
can you let me know.

>> Neither AFAIK uses PG client libs, they go directly to the socket 
>> (this may have changed).
> Wouldn't it be easier to let the psql libraries to communicate with the DB?

Yes, then again, we see loads of problems with the MyODBC driver because 
of that. Its a trade off.


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