[unixODBC-dev] PostgreSQL driver - md5 auth

Martin Edlman edlman at fortech.cz
Fri Sep 17 13:05:53 BST 2004


	I have encountered another problem with unixODBC / psqlODBC. I use
PostgreSQL 7.3 server, unixODBC 2.2.2 and today I compiled and installed 
psqlODBC driver compiled against unixODBC headers/libs.
	On the server side I use 'crypt' auth method, which is working fine 
with unixODBC (libodbcpsql.so) driver, but it's not working with psqlODBC 
(psqlodbc.so) driver which doesn't support 'crypt' method anymore.
	So I switched auth method to 'md5' which is working fine with 
psqlODBC driver, but not with unixODBC driver which doesn't seem to 
support md5. Comparing source dirs, I found there are no md5 sources in 
unixODBC/Drivers/Postgre* sources.
	So I decided to stay on psqlODBC driver an use md5, but this driver 
makes Apache segfaults under unixODBC when used from PHP. The PHP was 
compiled against same unixODBC 2.2.2 header/libs.

	Is pg driver in unixODBC somehow updated to reflect changes in 
psqlODBC driver? I mean md5 auth support.

Regards, Martin

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