[unixODBC-dev] Postgres: discarding NOTICE messages from SQL result

Martin Edlman edlman at fortech.cz
Fri Sep 17 06:55:22 BST 2004


	I'm using unixODBC 2.2.3 to connect to our PostgresSQL 7.3 server 
where stored procedures are used.
	There are RAISE NOTICEs commands in these procedures, whose 
outputs are somehow transferred to the client (unixODBC), but it makes 
unixODBC driver unhappy and result is discarded.
	May it be possible to ignore such non-result responses from server 
and let only real results to be processed by unixODBC API functions?
	I'd like to keep such info as I administrate the db not through 
ODBC and these notices are rather important. ODBC is used by client app 
where I don't need these notices.

	Example: I want to insert mail account into qmail_account table, the 
qmail_account_check stored procedure is triggered on insert and this 
procedure decides whether domain in private or public and raises notice 
about this.

	Last question, just for info - does unixODBC use its own 
implementation of pgsql driver or does it use pgsql client libraries?


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