[unixODBC-dev] Right way to read odbc.ini file.

Nick Gorham nick at easysoft.com
Fri Sep 10 14:44:30 BST 2004

Martin J. Evans wrote:

> I could be wrong and Nick might remember but I think DontDLClose attribute was
> invented because of some drivers use of atexit or _fini - Nick?
> <snipped test code>

Yes, this test code demonstrated perfectly the reason dontdlclose was 
added. Drivers registered atexit functions, and the atexit list was 
maintained in the process. then after the driver manager had done a 
dlclose (releasing the driver code from the processes memory), the 
atexit function was being called on process termination, resulting in a 
seg fault due to attempting to execute code outside the programs code 

It may be if you have a version that doesn't do this, that someone has 
decided to fix this problem in the libc, making atexit know about 
dynamic loading. But its certainly not portable.

I dislike the global that the ini cacheing requires, but I can't see a 
simple way out. The ini cacheing can be disabled at build time though.

Nick Gorham
Easysoft Limited

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