[unixODBC-dev] Memory leak in unixODBC?

Nick Gorham nick at easysoft.com
Fri Sep 3 16:15:20 BST 2004

Matthias Meier wrote:
>  - or is it my programming fault?
> Hello!
> Im pretty new to [unix]ODBC so I wrote a simple function which connects to
> an ODBC (Informix) database an selects one colum in one row.
> If I put this function in a loop for 100 selects
> I start with an program-memory size of 2.7 MB and end up with 8 MB!!
> (Yes, i know, opening and closing the connection isn't really good but 
> it should work without loosing any memory)
> Any ideas? -thaks for help!

Maybe down to the driver, I just repeated that with postgres, and its 
not doing it.

Maybe you could try only allocation the env once, do it outside the loop.


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