[unixODBC-dev] libtoolize

Nick Gorham nick at lurcher.org
Mon Nov 1 21:08:53 GMT 2004

Peter Harvey wrote:

> Nick,
> Using new source from cvs found some lingering problems for me 
> regarding using libtool files in sources from cvs. Thing that has me 
> started on it is the lack of file ext for share libs produced on my 
> SuSE 91 box. Solved by moving all those libtool files and dir out of 
> the way then running libtoolize to bring in my SuSE 91 ver.
> Also; found that "--enable-ltdllib" would still use local copy until I 
> moved the copy out of the way. Then I used it in configure after 
> libtoolize.
> Question is - should I check this stuff in? I think so.


There are assorted tweeks and changes to libtool that allow it to build 
unixODBC on loats of platforms, thats why I am somewhat reticent to 
change from one libtool to the next.

unixware for example, is one that gets broken every time I do a build 
with a new libtool.

Tar up your copy and send it to me ands I will see what the difference 
is, and see if we can merge.


the Feynman method of solving problems: 

write the problem on the board...
think really hard...
write down the answer.

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