[unixODBC-dev] Perl, DBI, DBD::ODBC and an ODBC Driver Manager

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at tsmg.us
Thu Jul 29 18:21:38 BST 2004

Stefan Radman wrote:

>>Are there additional packages I need?
>All you should need for running DBD::ODBC with unixODBC and FreeTDS is:
>    unixODBC
>    freetds-unixodbc
>    perl-DBI
>    perl-DBD-ODBC
>Guess you're just missing perl-DBD-ODBC.
>Very useful for configuration add:
>    unixODBC-gui-qt
Server with no GUI installed.

>The Qt (KDE) GUI helps you choose the right driver parameters when
>setting up 
>DSNs and it uses the .ini files in the right location (common mistake).
>I usually use odbcinst (cmdline & batch) or ODBCConfig (interactive GUI)
>to configure drivers and data sources e.g.
I seem to remember this from one of my earlier attempts.  I'll give it a
try in a bit.

># odbcinst -i -d -r
>Description=FreeTDS ODBC Driver for Sybase and MS-SQL
>$ odbcinst -i -s -r
>Driver      = FreeTDS
>Description = Fun and Games
>Trace       = No
>Server      =
>;TDS_Version = 7.0
>Database    = mydb
>"Setup" attribute gives you the ability to use the GUI
>"ServerType" attribute you have in your "mydsn" is new to me.
Plucked out of the pile of documentation I was going through and tried
'cause it sounded like it might help.  :-)

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>>Subject: [unixODBC-dev] Perl, DBI, DBD::ODBC and an ODBC 
>>Driver Manager
>>Thanks to Nick I got unixODBC installed and I am able to 
>>connect to the
>>MS SQL Server using isql but when I try using the DBI in Perl I get an
>>error about needing DBD::ODBC.  No problem, I'm always forgetting to
>>install a module but in this case I can't get it to install.  
>>Using perl
>>-MCPAN -e Shell I get most of the way through but it stops with not
>>being able to find an ODBC Driver Manager.  I'm sure I'm 
>>confused about
>>what a Driver Manager is so every permutation I tried failed.  I have
>>FreeTDS and unixODBC installed.
>>    {~}# rpm -qa | egrep -i 'freetds|odbc'
>>    freetds-devel-0.62.1-1
>>    unixODBC-drivers-2.2.9-2sr
>>    unixODBC-devel-2.2.9-2sr
>>    unixODBC-2.2.9-2sr
>>    freetds-unixodbc-0.62.1-1
>>    freetds-0.62.1-1
>>    freetds-doc-0.62.1-1
>>    unixODBC-drivers-devel-2.2.9-2sr
>>Are there additional packages I need?
>>Pretty simplistic setups/ini files (that I don't think I've screwed up
>>too bad.)
>>    [ODBC Data Sources]
>>    mydsn
>>    [mydsn]
>>    Driver          = FreeTDS
>>    Description     = Fun and Games
>>    Trace           = No
>>    ServerType      = unixodbc
>>    Server          =
>>    Database        = mydb
>>    [Default]
>>    Driver          = FreeTDS
>>    [FreeTDS]
>>    Driver          = /usr/lib/libtdsodbc.so.0.0.0
>>Once again all suggestions and pointers are appreciated.
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