[unixODBC-dev] SOT: Building RPMs with out the GUI.

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at tsmg.us
Wed Jul 28 01:25:02 BST 2004

>No, X is not required if you don't build any GUI component.
>There was just some error in the logic of this -sr.spec (of mine).
No problem with me.  If I knew enough I'd have worked it out myself.
(And you should see the much simpler code I break! :-)

>The --disable-gui configure option should be set automatically if
>neither gui is built.
>I'm currently reworking and testing it on a RedHat system that has no X
>at all.
>Patience. It's going to be done in a couple of minutes (or so;-).
Looks like you got sucked into a black hole like me.

>I'll post it on this list.
Sounds good.


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