[unixODBC-dev] SOT: Building RPMs with out the GUI.

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at tsmg.us
Tue Jul 27 18:45:19 BST 2004

Stefan & Nick,

Thanks for the suggestions.

My two attempts to use the -sr spec file failed.  A quick hack changing
the unixODBC version number to match what I had already (2.2.9) got
further then hung when it couldn't find the X includes.  Is X really
required or is it some other dependency inside the standard libraries
that causes this.

I'm still looking at the Makefile.* to see if I can put Nick's
suggestion in place.

I can install using the tarball but I suspect this wouldn't be solved
going this route and since I have to install on several systems I prefer
RPM's for their pretty good tracking capability.

If any more idea jump out I appreciate them. Otherwise I'll fiddle
around a bit more. BTW, I couldn't find the 2.2.10 tarball nor reference
to it in CVS (using my limited CVS experience).  Where is it?

Again thanks,


>You might want to check out a new spec from the cvs
>and adapt it to your needs.
>It includes some flags to selectively exclude subpackages already and
>should build with (just about) any version of unixODBC.

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