[unixODBC-dev] SOT: Building RPMs with out the GUI.

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at tsmg.us
Tue Jul 27 00:49:59 BST 2004

Looking through the archives this seems like the correct(-ish) list to
ask about building (RPM or otherwise) unixODBC.  I've downloaded the
current/latest src RPM and and am attempting to build the binary RPMs
from it.  This is on a server with no GUI involved so that portion isn't
needed and none of the libs or their friends exist there.

   Looking at the spec file I see no reference or options to compile
without the GUI stuff.  Is there a switch I can pass through the RPM
build or hard-code into the makefile to avoid these?


Roderick A. Anderson
Technology Services Management Group <http://www.technologyservicesmanagementgroup.com/>
Spokane WA, 99202

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