[unixODBC-dev] Problem with threading/Asta

David Keith dkeith at noThis.logisticshealth.spamremove.com
Mon Jul 26 16:32:46 BST 2004

I've put together an AstaIO daemon written in Kylix/Delphi that uses 
ODBC Express as it's vendor interface. I'm using FreeTDS to connect to 
SQL Server 2K.

When you start the AstaIO daemon it normally creates about 19 instances 
as checked by using ps -A|grep Asta.

Because some results weren't coming back correctly in the ExecProc call 
I started futzing around with the Hdbc component. I set CursorLib from 
'Use Driver' to 'Use ODBC'. When I did this and ran a test with the ODBC 
Express components, I got my result params. But when I tried to start 
the AstaIO daemon, only one instance showed up in the process list and 
the server was in a non-responsive state.

In reading posts on this group I've seen that you can set a 'Threading' 
option in odbcinst.ini. I've tried '= 0' and '= 50' but that made no 
difference; with the ' = 50' option I get one non-functioning instance 
of my server, with ' = 0' I get no instances at all. I've also tried 
'Pooling = Yes' and 'Pooling = No' but that seems to make no difference 

Thanks for any assistance.

David Keith

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