[unixODBC-dev] unixODBC and Unicode?

Sven Köhler skoehler at upb.de
Thu Jul 22 12:11:35 BST 2004


does unixODBC support unicode-drivers? And what does unixODBC do, if an 
non-unicode application tries to use a unicode driver?

I often use Perl and DBD-ODBC on Windows with the SAPDB Unicode ODBC 
Driver. Perl and DBD-ODBC aren't Unicode aware yet, afaik. Since all 
german umlauts etc. are correct, i guess that the driver manager 
translates all unicode-strings to the current locale.

Does unixODBC also do this translation? and does it support UCS2? The 
SAPDB developers told me, that their ODBC driver does use UCS2 even on 
UNIX which seems to use UCS4 for unicode characters.


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