[unixODBC-dev] Re: [unixODBC-announce] Can unixODBC supportoracle?

Ham, Robert Robert.Ham at powergen.co.uk
Wed Jul 21 15:31:20 BST 2004

The same way most people in the free software and open source world
define it:


A cursory glance at this EPL shows "Commercial Use" as a definition
which I assume is distinguished from other uses, so I guess the answer
to my original question is "no".


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> Bob wrote:
> > Is there a free software oracle driver?
> How do you define "free"?? ;-)
> There is an Open Source ODBC Driver for Oracle at
> 	http://home.fnal.gov/~dbox/oracle/odbc/
> covered by the Easysoft Public License
> http://fndapl.fnal.gov/lxr/http/source/oracle_odbc_driver/EPL.html

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