[unixODBC-dev] Connection to MS-SQL

Alejandro Rotolo arotolo at girmet.ru
Tue Jul 20 17:05:58 BST 2004

Thanks!! to both...

I found the following

/usr/local/etc/odbc.ini with my system DSN
~/.odbc.ini with the local DSN

AND ....
with [default] section pointing to MySQL driver... maybe from the original
setup of Mandrake or whatever...

But now I have another question... (If I can abuse)

If "isql pp3 root" and "isql pp4 sa" works OK against both databases, means
that they are using the .ini I prepare during installation
(/usr/local/etc/....)... Right? As a matter of fact, ODBCConfig (GUI) shows
me what I have in this .ini also.

But now that I know that up to now I was just -VERY- lucky (my program
stopped working at all when I renamed  /etc/odbc.ini with the nasty error
"Data source name not found and not default driver")...

My question is, How can I tell everybody to use the same .ini?

Thanks again

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> Please check your User AND System data source name entries.

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