[unixODBC-DEV] - odbcinstext.h - bug report

Stefan Radman Stefan.Radman at CTBTO.ORG
Wed Jul 14 17:53:31 BST 2004


Some time ago (earlier in this thread) you said you would have a look at
breaking the "public" interface out of odbcinstext.h to resolve the
dependency on ini.h and log.h.

You'll find a patch attached that does the job IMHO.
When UNIXODBC_SOURCE is undefined (which it usually is outside the
source tree:) only the public interface of odbcinstext is exposed.
The only lack I can see are the INI_* limits that could potentially get
out of sync with ini.h (where I copied them from).

Thanks to freddy77 for the initial idea. See "BIG Hack" at


PS: I'm sure the file can also be re-organized to limit the "#ifdef
UNIXODBC_SOURCE" to one place.
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