[unixODBC-dev] Is unixODBC compatible with UniVerse ODBC server?

Nick Gorham nick.gorham at easysoft.com
Mon Dec 27 16:33:56 GMT 2004

Chris Gant wrote:

>Alternatively, how exactly would I be able to use your ODBC-ODBC Bridge to
>connect to the AIX version of Universe, can this be done directly from the
>Linux Box to the system running the UniVerse ODBC server??

Well "IF" there is a lib on the AIX box that works as a ODBC driver, 
i.e, you could set unixODBC up to connect to UniVerse with isql through 
it. Then the ODBC-ODBC Bridge should work. The bridge server on the AIX 
box, and the client on the Linux box, the linux box connects to the 
UniVerse dsn via the bridge server.

If there isn't a ODBC driver on the AIX box, then the bridge would have 
to connect th OOB server no wherever there was a ODBC driver. Windows I 
guess :-(


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