[unixODBC-dev] MSSQL / DEBIAN / PHP4

Michael Frank michafrank at gmx.net
Mon Aug 30 19:39:18 BST 2004

I got the following Problem :

I want to access from a Debian Machine/SID a MSSQL 7.0 DB (MS-NT40).

I installed the ADOdb/freetds-dev/unixodbc Stuff, made with odbcinst conf files
after that and i could manually connect (xterm) to the
MSSQL DB and i can choose f.e. the Database .. use db;.
I use protocol version TDS 7.0

My Problem is that i don`t have access with php4 !
I tried odbc_msql and odbc only ...

- is the odbc.ini File the only necassary config file ?
- i got odcb/sybase support compiled in php - is that enough ?
- do i have to change the MS SQL Server config ?
- With Excel / win Odbc the Connect is working
- is it a Problem to use Apache 1.3... and not 2.xx

when you need detailed code to get the problem - i can mail tomorrow ...

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