{Attachment?} Re: [unixODBC-dev] "Newbie" questionabout conne cting to DSN

Temple, Jonas O Jonas.Temple at TycoHealthcare.com
Wed Aug 11 16:48:45 BST 2004

"Nick Gorham" <nick at easysoft.com> wrote in message
news:<mailman.94.1092209729.17304.unixodbc-dev at mail.easysoft.com>...
> Now we need to check if you are getting the ini's you expect.
> and then try using strace to see what files its opening
> strace isql -v my170 2>st.log
> grep open st.log
> That should show what ini files are being opened. if you are not sure,
> send the st.log file and I will take a look (post direct not via list).

I decided to use strace on the vendor's SQL test program since I was having
the problem there.  When I looked at the log file an attempt was being made
to open /etc/odbcinst.ini instead of /usr/local/etc/odbcinst.ini.  So for
grins I copied the odbcinst.ini in /usr/local/etc to /etc and then the
vendor's SQL test program began working.  Is this going to be an issue that
I'll need to take up with the vendor or is this a setting in unixODBC that I
don't have correct?



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