[unixODBC-dev] Detailed ODBC Documentation

Peter Nolan peter at peternolan.com
Sun Aug 8 19:29:50 BST 2004

Hi All,
TJ, thanks for the tip.....I am using VS.Net 2001 (not game to upgrade,
might never work again!!) and it turns out the link you mentioned is also
embedded in the VS.net documentation.....so I had this documentation all the
time (damn!!!, just call me stupid....)

But just in case anyone else is looking for this level of detail and is
using VS.NET search for the function name with no filter...

Thanks Again


"Nick Gorham" <nick at easysoft.com> wrote in message
news:mailman.86.1091926174.17304.unixodbc-dev at mail.easysoft.com...
> Peter Nolan wrote:
> > Hi,
> > does anyone know where there is more detailed ODBC documentation
> > other than what is in the SQL Books provided with Server 2000?  The SQL
> > Server 2000 documentation describes most functions but does not show the
> > detailed parameters and describe the behavior of the functions...I've
> > coding by trying and testing...but I guess there must be some kind of
> > specifications out there somewhere. I'm quite happy to 'read the
> > manual'..;-)
> The one we (Easysoft) use is the ODBC 3 book (two book set) MS
> published. Annoyingly its out of print now, but sometime can be found
> 2nd Hand on Amazon. The same text (at least the second part of the book)
> can be found in the ODBC windows help file that i spart of the MDAC
> download (though its getting harder to find). Also if you look on MS's
> site and do a search for something like SQLSetStmtAttr you will find a
> link to the same level of information.
> -- 
> Nick Gorham
> Easysoft Limited

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