[unixODBC-dev] ODBC & Windows

Peter Nolan peter at peternolan.com
Sun Aug 8 19:23:41 BST 2004

Hi Alf,
if you are trying to write ODBC apps on windows then you can use the headers
provided with SQL Server 2000.  The headers between unix ODBC drivers and
windows are different though the code is transportable.....I have written an
ETL tool that works on both and I use SQL Server headers and I bought a
license for the easysoft drivers and use those headers on unix...I've also
used data direct headers on solaris....

Hope this helps..


"Alf C Stockton" <alf at stockton.co.za> wrote in message
news:mailman.76.1091472801.17304.unixodbc-dev at mail.easysoft.com...
> On the basis that the sample that came in the Tutotial in the docs of
> was supposidely created originally in Windows I attempted to recompile it
> under Windows XP using mingw with gcc version 3.2
> However I get the following errors :-
> C:\dev>gcc odbc.c -o odbc -lodbc
> In file included from c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sql.h:13,
>                    from odbc.c:9:
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqltypes.h:50: parse error before "SQLHWND"
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqltypes.h:154: parse error before "DWORD"
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqltypes.h:156: parse error before "Data3"
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqltypes.h:157: parse error before "Data4"
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqltypes.h:158: parse error before '}' token
> In file included from odbc.c:10:
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqlext.h:1184: parse error before "SQLHWND"
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqlext.h:1203: parse error before "ODBCGetTryWaitValue"
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqlext.h:1204: parse error before "ODBCSetTryWaitValue"
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqlext.h:1207: parse error before "TraceReturn"
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqlext.h:1208: parse error before "TraceVersion"
> In file included from c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqlext.h:1214,
>                    from odbc.c:10:
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqlucode.h:38: parse error before "SQLHWND"
> c:/Dev-Cpp/include/sqlucode.h:39: parse error before "SQLHWND"
> The apparent problem is that HWND & DWORD are not defined, therefore my
> is what else should I #include to resolve this problem?
> BTW The source I am using is C not C++.
> ---
> Regards,
> Alf Stockton www.stockton.co.za
> If this is timesharing, give me my share right now.

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