[unixODBC-dev] "Newbie" question about connecting to DSN

Jonas Temple jtemple at yhti.net
Sun Aug 8 06:01:16 BST 2004

I apologize for this obvious newbie question...

I've got RH9 with the latest package updates.  I downloaded and 
installed the latest unixODBC package.  Using gODBCConfig, I created a 
user DSN (under my account, not root) to an IBM iSeries DB2 driver. 
Using odbctest, I try to connect to the data source using the "Full 
Connect" option.  I select the DSN I created and after clicking "Okay" I 
get a "DSN not found or no default specified".

I'm really new to unixODBC so any help would be greatly approciated.

Jonas Temple

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